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The fourth largest island in the Canary Islands was reborn between 1730 and 1736 when volcanic eruptions covered the island with lava, leaving a legacy of exotic colors and very original shapes sculpted by nature.

Lanzarote has something different that goes beyond what can be found in any sun and beach destination. An island where nature and art go hand in hand, where its people feel and live the commitment and pride of belonging to it, and food tastes like sea and country, an island whose essence leaves its mark.

Sands Beach Resort is located in the middle height of the east coast, in Costa Teguise, and is very well located for visitors to explore the island with its 836 square kilometers.
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The Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, are integrated into the volcanic nature of the Island constituting its main tourist reference, being a must to know the true essence of Lanzarote.

C├ęsar Manrique, a local artist of international projection, made them unique by perfectly combining the binomial Art and Nature under a philosophy and intervention model based on sustainability.
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Their dishes stand out for simplicity, since raw materials predominate over their elaboration, but the result is very tasty.

Good meats, fresh fish, vegetables and virgin olive oil are part of the Lanzarote table. Wines and cheeses are very typical and of great importance. Potajes are the most typical way to consume vegetables. Due to the richness of the sea in the Canary Islands, there are many varieties of fish. Among the recipes with fish, the Sancocho and the fish stock are worth mentioning.

Lanzarote is Live Wine, leisurely melody of a noble heritage that grows, in its dry subtropical climate, thanks to the ingenuity of previous generations.

Its people became an ally of the volcanic sands to win an adverse weather down to the last drop, and it has forged itself in a permanent struggle with low rainfall until the secrets of the coolness that the night brings.

Hidden in some cases, up to ten meters deep is the ancient soil, the fertile mantle, in which veteran roots and renewed strains sink.
Sands Beach Resort **** | Costa Teguise, Lanzarote | Web Oficial


Lanzarote is an island of many contrasts, with picturesque villages in its interior and fabulous and modern hotels and resorts on the coast. You can find traditional markets as well as design shops in the new shopping centres.

There is no doubt that most visitors come to the island for its warm temperatures, its clear sky and the great bright sun, as Lanzarote has proven to be one of the seven Canary Islands with a stable and pleasant climate during the most part of the year.

The island has experienced a constant yet sustainable growth, which respects the land and its customs. There are very strict laws that control the height and color of the buildings, so as not to be detrimental to the views and the landscape. The lifestyle on this island is pleasantly calm and cozy in all of its corners.

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