Celebration Packs

Nothing says "Let's celebrate!" better than a bottle of chilled champagne when you arrive. Whether it's a wedding anniversary, a birthday or just the fact that your holiday starts here, celebrate in style with a selection of our pre-ordered goodies.

Bouquet of Flowers                                        30.00? (inc 7% IGIC

Fruit Basket                                                     6.00? (inc 7% IGIC)

Bottle of Freixenet                                          7.95? (inc 7% IGIC)

Möet Chandon rosé                                       39.95? (inc 7% IGIC)

Möet Chandon                                                37.95? (inc 7% IGIC)

Bottle of red wine                                           6.00? (inc 7% IGIC)

Bottle of white wine                                       6.00? (inc 7% IGIC)

Bottle of rosé wine                                         6.00? (inc 7% IGIC)

Box of Chocolates 450 gr                              8.00? (inc 7% IGIC)

Vanilla iced cream cake with cream             8.00? (inc 7% IGIC)


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