It is the athlete’s responsibility to know every detail of the regulations

With your registration, the athlete accepts the general regulations Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water and conditions of participation.

Each athlete is responsible for a good physical condition when competing and a healthy workout, each athlete is directly responsible for ensuring that no health problems present themselves which prevent the athlete from taking part in the competition.

Doping is prohibited. With your registration, each athlete accepts the doping regulations, which are required for the event. With your registration, each athlete declares not to violate the Organic Law 3/2013 either before or during the event, to protect the health of athletes and fight against doping in sport.

Athletes must:

Be responsible for their own safety and that of other athletes.

Know and respect the competition rules.

Know the routes.

Obey the instructions of the officials.

Treat other athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.

Avoid using abusive language.

If you are aware of having broken a rule, inform an officer, and if necessary, withdraw from the competition.

Report to an officer if you wish to withdraw from the competition and hand in your chip.

The athlete should follow the correct circuit.

Participants must follow the directions and instructions of the officials and public authorities.

If an athlete decides to retire from the race at any time, it is the responsibility of the participant to inform the information point located at the finish area and deliver your race number and timing chip immediately. It is essential that the organization staff knows at what point in the route the competitors are at all times.

Athletes must show respect for the environment and prevent pollution

The athlete can swim in the style he/she wants. You can walk or run along the bottom. You can stand where it is marked, or next to the float or buoy placed along the route, but not use them to your advantage.

Career officers have the authority to disqualify any participant.

Medical personnel and / or coach will have the ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race if the participant is considered physically incapable to continue the race without the risk of serious injury or death. The medical transports for any contestant entail disqualification.

Individual support is not permitted by friends, family, coaches and supporters during the course of the Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water. Each participant should immediately discard any attempt to assist, follow or accompany. The otherwise, will result in a warning or disqualification.

The basic principles of the event are fairness and compliance. It is forbidden to seek advantages by breaking these rules. Athletes may not prevent or stop to endanger others or hinder the process of the race.

Traffic regulations should be checked and the instructions given by the organization, judges and medical staff should be followed.


The swimmer may participate in one or more of the following categories, so long as they are compatible:

5 Km. Children Junior and Master: 5000 m.

3,8 Km. Children Junior and Master: 3800 m.

1,9 Km. Infant, Junior and Master: 1900 m.

Shark: 800 m.

Dolphin: 400 m.


Male and female

There are different categories depending on age when the event is celebrated:

  • Dolphin: 12 – 13 y.o.
  • Shark: 14 – 15 y.o.
  • Senior: 16 – 34 y.o.
  • Veteran A:   35-39 y.o.
  • Veteran B:    40-44 y.o.
  • Veteran C:   45-49 y.o.
  • Veteran D:   50-54 y.o.
  • Veteran E:   55-59 y.o.
  • Veteran F:   60-64 y.o.
  • Veteran G:   65-69 y.o.
  • Veteran H: +70 y.o.


The top 3 in the men’s and women’s category  will receive the following thropies

5 Km

3,8 Km

1,9 Km


In the 5 km, 3,8 Km. and 1,9 Km categories participants are not allowed to use neoprene if the temperature of the water is greater than 24.5 ° C.

In Dolphin and Shark categories it is not allowed to use neoprene if water temperature exceeds 22 ° C.

Wetsuits cannot exceed a 5 mm thickness in any part of the wetsuit. If the wetsuit is composed of two parts, the thickness in areas overlapping cannot exceed 5 mm.

Propulsion devices such as vortex panels or pads on the forearms, creating an advantage for the athlete or risk to others, are prohibited.

Any material added, except the zipper, which is less flexible than the neoprene and is tailored to the suit itself is prohibited.

The outermost part of the wetsuit will fit the athlete’s body while swimming.

The wetsuit can cover any part of the body except the face, hands and feet.

There is no limitation on the length of the zipper.


Here is a list of clothing that each swimmer could wear during the competition:

Mesh delivered by the organization, the cap cannot be modified in any way. If wearing additional caps, the cap provided by the organization should be covering the rest.

Goggles, mandatory for all swimmers.

Neoprene or swimsuit (I see section USING NEOPRENE). It is forbidden to use two wetsuits.

The timing chip must be worn throughout the race. In case the chip gets loss the swimmer must communicate this fact to the timekeeper at the finish line. The swimmer must pay the value of the lost chip to the timekeeper company if it thinks fit. The chip must be placed on the ankle of the participant.

The dorsal must always be visible on the outside of the right hand of each swimmer. The dorsal will be provided or drawn by members of the organization.

All those electronic devices such as watches, heart rate monitors and GPS aquatic will be allowed with the exception of aquatic music players and / or like. If an athlete violates this rule, the athlete will be disqualified by the judges of the competition. It is possible to be disqualified from the competition by the official judges of the competition if any rule or regulation is violated.

Equipment not allowed:

Artificial propulsion devices. 2

Floatation Devices. 2

Gloves or socks.

Wetsuit exceeding 5 mm thick.

Only the bottom wetsuit.

Wetsuit when not allowed because of the water temperature.


Each distance must have its own start.

To access the competition area, athletes must pass through an area where a recount is performed. This place leads only towards the start of the competition area.

The start is defined by a line marked on the floor. No athlete may cross or exceed this line until the competition has begun.

Athletes will be grouped in the area consistent with the assigned categories.

Athletes will be called to the starting area and occupy their starting positions under the direction of the officers.

When all athletes are in position, you will pass the procedure exit and wait for the announcement: ‘to your posts!’

At any time after the announcement, the official starting horn will be heard indicating the start of the race.

The start should be forward, participants are unable to start the race from a position different than what is assign